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Sneak Peeks!

10 Apr

This week has just flown by! Last week I started an afghan and hit some magical time-warp and found myself nearing the end of it in no time! The pattern is essentially I giant doily with a lot of chain stitches and broken up by rings of motifs. It’s part of my stash busting efforts and the results so far are pretty awesome.

Here’s a sneak peek of my blanket:

And a throw pillow to go with it! The colors are in the similar palette. I compiled all my blues, greens and purples into one pile and started picking them at random.

And the back.

I think I like the back better, but this isn’t the only pillow I’ll make so I’m not too worried about it. I was inspired by this tapestry:

I found it at a festival last summer and fell in love with the design. Growing up I was in love with mermaids and I guess that still carried through with me to adult hood. I think I’ll do some larger pillows, maybe work on a wall hanging or some art pieces and then we’ll be on our way to redecorating!

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